• Out of Court Settlement
    National Fence Co.
    Amount owed: $28,452
    Settlement: $5,000
    Gross savings: $23,452

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  • Post Judgment Settlement
    Defense Contractor
    Amount owed: $44,000
    Settlement: $25,000
    Gross savings: $19,000

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  • Collection Lawsuit Settled
    Pharmacy supplier issue
    Amount owed: $350,000
    Settlement: $150,000
    Payment over 48 months

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We negotiate the reduction and restructuring of debt for small businesses

Offering an Array of Vital Core Services

We get you a "Seat at the Table"

We are consultants and experts with decades of collective business experience. We have access to expertise in a wide variety of “hot”, critical tax issues and collection problems. We provide expertise in building your business’s credit rating – too often overlooked by small businesses, but necessary if you are going to obtain credit and capital in today’s and tomorrow’s very different lending environment. We have sources of capital to fuel your business’s growth.

Our Service is Offered on a Risk-Free, Results Only Basis

We are not a debt consolidation company. We are not a law firm. We are uniquely and especially expert in restructuring business debt. Our staff is comprised of top credit and collection professionals who have been on the other side. We know how to negotiate with your creditors and their preferred collectors to give you more than a fighting chance and the breathing room to turn things around.

We deal directly with your creditors, vendors, suppliers, and /or their chosen collection representatives, allowing you time to focus on your business. Let us handle the numerous collection calls, manage the problems, and supply you with money-saving results. In fact, we’ve consistently provided clients average gross savings of 50% and often up to 85% (plus, any deferred payments are almost always interest-free). Best of all, our business debt negotiation services are provided on a Risk-Free, Results-Only basis.

Quite simply its experience that enables us to structure programs you can afford and that your creditors will accept. Believe it or not, a bad situation can be resolved amicably and further escalation can be avoided.

Types of debts we typically resolve:
- Vendor/ Supplier debt
- Equipment leases
- Matters in collection
- Accounts in litigation
- Judgments/ Liens/ Garnishments
- Taxes- State & Federal
- Credit cards/credit lines/ loans

Our guidance can help you:
- Maintain relationships with valued suppliers
- Resolve debt obligations within your budget
- Put a stop to harassing phone calls
- Extend payouts on current or defaulted notes
- Avoid excessive attorney's fees & court costs
- Prevent garnishments
- Avoid asset seizures

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Client Testimonials...

When I finally realized the severity of my company’s cash flow situation, it was almost too late. I felt confident that your debt reduction program was the best way to handle our debt concerns and problems. I was right! – President, Online Services
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The rapid growth of our company created a temporary cash flow deficiency. TNF stepped in and set to work within our available cash flow to reduce debt and keep us on good business terms with our suppliers. - President, Manufacturing & Fabrication Company
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Surviving & Thriving in a Tough Economy.

It's important you survive and continue to prosper. Your survival and success depends on the skill and ability to negotiate a "reset" of your current situation. In an era of negotiated "bailouts" for banks and major corporations, the small business owner is the “forgotten person.” We think the "little guy" deserves a skilled, experienced and aggressive advocate and a seat at the table.

Our time-tested procedures and strategic budgeting concepts coupled with our professional, proactive and fact-based approach and expert guidance afford our clients the opportunity to recalibrate their critical business metrics, including the breathing room that comes from negotiated restructuring. Think "Small Business Bailouts.”

Working within your available budget - “outside of bankruptcy” - we will help you and help your creditors at the same time. Just like the help received by the banks and major corporations! Isn’t it time for the “Small Business Bailout!”